Full details of the Reprographic Services that are available within the UEL Archives are detailed below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Archivist.

Photocopying and Scanning Services

We are able to offer a limited Copying and Scanning Service to both internal and external Archive researchers, for the purposes of their own non-commercial research and private study.  Whilst we are able to offer this service, our primary duty is to help securely preserve the Archival collections within our care, and as a consequence, all copying and scanning will be at the discretion of Archive staff.  Copies will therefore only be supplied if we can be sure that the copying/scanning process will need damage the Archival material.  In some cases, copies of the materials requested may bot be supplied if the originals are deemed to be in too fragile a condition.  We will not copy documents that containing private or sensitive information and for some of our deposited collections, the approval of the owner may be required before copying/scanning can be undertaken.


Our current charges for copying and scanning are as follows:

  • Photocopying – 30p per sheet
  • Scanning – £5.00 per page/image
  • Postage and Packing – Subject to Royal Mail Postage Rates.

Please Note: For the Refugee Council Archive Special Collection, a limited self-service option for UEL Staff and Students may be possible, please contact the Archivist for further details.


All requests for photocopying and scanning must be submitted to a member of Archives staff by completing one of the forms below:

The completed form must be signed by the Requester, indicating their acceptance of the Archive Rules and Regulations, giving clear indication of the documents to be copied/scanned.  All orders must be paid for at the time of requesting and we can accept payment by cash and certain types of credit and debit cards.  Arrangements can be made for the completed work to be collected in person or emailed/posted to the Requester.


All of the material located within the Archive is subject to Copyright as laid out in the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.  The UEL Library and Learning Services has produced an extensive introductory guide to this Copyright legislation as it relates to the Higher Education sector, and further details can be found in the e-/Copyright Guides.

Digital Cameras

The use of digital camera may be permitted within the Archive Reading Room.  Please enquire with the Archivist prior to your visit to confirm whether this will be acceptable.


If you wish to make copies/scans of Archival material for the purposes of publication and/or commercial use, please contact the Archivist in the first instance to discuss this matter further.  May we also remind you that in these instances, it is the researcher that is responsible for ascertaining the necessary copyright ownership in the materials they wish to use and for obtaining the necessary permissions to reproduce them.  For further information on Copyright and obtaining permissions, please contact the Archives on



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