As part of our continued to commitment to managing, preservation and making accessible the Archive collections that we hold here in the Library and Learning Services at the University of East London, we have developed a series of polices to help guide and direct our work.  Please click on any of the documents below for further information.

Collection Development Policy

The UEL Archives seek to identify, collect and preserve original archival collections which actively support the learning, teaching and research requirements of the University. The focus of the Collections Policy in particular is to give clear guidance to archive donors/depositors about the kind of archival material that UEL would be interested in acquiring, and the methods by which it does so, and how the collections are managed and accessed.  Download the Collection Development Policy (PDF File).

Archive Loans Policy.

The Library and Learning Service at the University of East London (UEL) actively welcomes enquiries and requests for the loan of objects from its archival collections for the purpose of public display/exhibition within the UK. The remit of this document is to provide prospective borrowers with information on how to borrow archival materials from the UEL Archives. It also explains the general conditions that borrowers must adhere to. Download the Archive Loans Policy (PDF File).


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