Web Address:  http://www.hidden-histories.org.uk/


Eastside Community Heritage (ECH) was founded in 1993 as a part of the Stratford City Challenge Community History Project.  This project was initially coordinated by the Newham Museum Service and in 1997 Eastside became an independent charitable organisation


During 1999 Eastside were able to start collecting materials for their oral history and copy visual collection which was subsequently entitled the East London People’s Archive.   The Archive now contains numerous oral histories and reproductions of photographs taken from the many projects undertaken to date.  Since its inception, Eastside has been involved with a number of community projects relating to the recording and promotion of local history both in East London and the surrounding boroughs of the Thames Gateway region.  ECH have also developed an extensice and informative website entitled Hidden Histories and this can be views online by following this link:- www.hidden-histories.org


ECH places a strong emphasis on local and community history and this has included the development of a number of projects endeavouring to preserve and document the lives of `ordinary’ people from and who are living and working in East London.


A recent project for example was entitled Working Lives of the Thames Gateway.” The project recorded and preserved people’s stories and experiences of working in the many industries that made East London Britain’s gateway to the world.

Descriptions for all current UEL Archival Collections can be found on both the Archives Hub and AIM25 websites.


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