Visiting the Archive

The University of East London has campus based in both the Stratford and Docklands areas of East London, and we have archival collections housed in both our Docklands Library and also our New Stratford Library.  We are working hard to encourage and improve access to our archival collections and we would be happy to welcome you to our Archival collections.

We would normally recommend all of our Archive users to contact us in advance of their visit in order to confirm that the Archive will be open and that a member of staff will be available to assist with any enquiries that you may have.

General conditions of access and further details on how to make the best use of our Archives can be found on our Using the Archives pages and you can also Contact Us to Request An Appointment via our online form.

Maps, transport links, and further details on how to find our UEL Campuses can be found on the University’s Our Campuses web pages:

For any further information, please do Contact Us.



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