Highlighting Our History’s Diversity

UCA Archives

LSS Archives & Special Collections needs you for Black History Month (October) and beyond…

Our archives & special collections celebrate diversity, looking at the history of curriculum in art schools, history of migration, refugees, and history of diversity in artistic works, such as Photography and books.

Diagram group - black history month, from history of africa 9
We are looking for students and volunteers (externally and internally)  who are interested in doing investigative work in our collections to develop online exhibitions, social media, such as blogs and infographics around our collections. We are particularly interested in highlighting how they can be linked to today’s issues, and how our collections can be interpreted artistically
Our collections include our art school heritage, with our records from art schools dating from 1889. They include minutes looking at diversity in curriculum. This directly links to UCL’s ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’ project.

Epsom minutes - 90-94 monitoring 8 Epsom minutes, 1990s

Epsom minutes - 90-94 monitoring 7

We will, throughout black history month and beyond, be doing…

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About Paul V Dudman

Archivist responsible for the Refugee Archives at the University of East London.
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