Announcement: New UEL Micro Site on the Archives Hub

UEL Micro SiteWe are very pleased to announce the launch of our new University of East London (UEL) Archives Micro Site hosted by the Archives Hub.  Our micro site will provide a unique interface for searching just the UEL Archive descriptions that we have contributed to the Hub.

Direct access to our new micro site is available from the link below:

Micro sites have been developed by the Archives Hub to enable individual Hub contributors to make their own descriptions available to researchers via a dedicated search and retrieval tool.  This tool has been designed both to resemble the traditional Archives Hub interface (search boxes, search options, hit list, display of records and tables of contents); whilst allowing a customizable template for the individual contributor.

This template allows the contributors to facilitate researchers’ access to the archival descriptions of their own institution, incorporating their own logos and institutional colour schemes.

The UEL Archives Micro Site provides access to*:

  • A dedicated search and retrieval tool for searching just the UEL Archives descriptions located within the Archives Hub.
  • The ability to search by keyword, title, creator ,date, reference, subject and name
  • The option to search by ‘all’, ‘any’ and ‘phrase’
  • The option to search only collection level descriptions, or all levels of description
  • Search results displayed as they are on the Hub, with the title as a clickable link to display the description
  • Display of descriptions as they are displayed on the Hub, with navigation to search within the description (up and down the levels where appropriate)
  • Display of a table of contents for multi-level descriptions, with an expanding folder structure and links to all levels of description
  • Display of images and links to digital content
  • Search within a multi-level description
  • A citation with a link to individual entries at all levels
  • An email link on every description
  • The ability to reference every description in Twitter and on Facebook

* List adapted and taken from the Archives Hub Micro Sites page.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Archives Hub team for making our new UEL Micro Site possible.  The Archives Hub itself provides a very important role in facilitating access to a the descriptions of a number of archival collections.  The Hub now represents over 220 archival institutions within the UK, and “provides a gateway to thousands of the UK’s richest archives.”

Further details on the work of the Archives Hub can be found on the About Us section of their website.  Details of the Contributors and further information for Researchers is also available.

For further information in regard to the UEL Micro Site or the UEL Archives in general, please contact the Archivist, Paul Dudman.  Full details available via our Contact Us page.



About Paul V Dudman

Archivist responsible for the Refugee Archives at the University of East London.
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